Bias Incident / Crime Reporting

The New Jersey Attorney General (AG) provides a portal for people to report when they are the recipients of bias or hate incidents.  The AG’s mission is the statewide coordination of efforts to eliminate crimes motivated by prejudice against others based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, gender identify or expression and national origin.

The recipient or victim of the alleged incident is encouraged to report the incident. Citizens are not required to have a deep understanding of what constitutes bias in New Jersey.  They simply need to report the facts.  It is only by reporting that law enforcement becomes aware. 

Click here to report a bias incident or crime to the NJ Attorney General's office

You can report anonymously if you're uncomfortable giving your name or identifying information, and you can report whether you are the victim or a witness of a bias incident. You can also report to the Attorney General's office even if you have not reported the incident to the local police department.

If you prefer to report using the telephone instead of online, you can call the Bias Crime Hotline at 1-800-277-2427

Scroll down to view a flyer with answers to common questions about bias incidents and reporting...

The NJ Division on Civil Rights is tasked with ensuring equal rights for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. From pushing back on efforts to roll back federal anti-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ+ community to fighting for equality here in New Jersey, the Attorney General’s Office is committed to eliminating bias and discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation. In November 2019, the Attorney General issued a landmark order to all New Jersey law enforcement offices to ensure safe and respectful interactions with LGBTQ+ residents, including individuals who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary.

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