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Research shows that the presence of GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances and/or Gender & Sexuality Alliances) at schools helps lead to greater feelings of school connectedness among LGBTQ+ students. You can find more information about GSAs in general on this page and also ways to connect directly with the county-wide Bergen County GSA group.

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Bergen County GSA - Our Goals

Creating and uplifting LGBTQ+ related clubs (like GSAs) across Bergen County by providing peer support, information, and resources to make them functional.

Creation of a third place for any who feel isolated and silenced, both within the LGBTQIA+ community and otherwise.

Encouraging students to be allies, activists, and leaders and serve as inspirations to their peers.

How do I make a GSA?

Different schools’s processes for making clubs are different however most require

1. Find an advisor

Convince a teacher or staff member to host your school’s GSA in their classroom either during lunch or after school

2. Speak to an Admin

Talk to whoever is in charge of club organization in your school. In many cases, this may be a Principal, Vice Principal, or Guidance department. BE PERSISTENT, sometimes these people can be hard to get a hold of so be sure to email them and reach out in any way you can.

3. Host your first meetings

GSAs don’t become functional overnight. A functional GSA has a consistent member base, regular meetings, a present advisor, and is an effective safe space for students.

4. Make your GSA active

Take advantage of your resources such as local pride alliances, student fundraising, BCLA, and Bergen County GSA resources. 

Why would I want to make a GSA?

IT IS YOUR RIGHT! NJ law (A4109,8c,8d) supports the creation of student clubs regarding issues related to LGBTQ. GSAs not only provide a safe place for LGBTQ students to express themselves, they also provide a safe place to discuss LGBTQ issues and create a student body to advocate for changes to be made in your schools and communities. 

Not just for yourself, but for your fellow students

For more info/resources

For BCGSA, reach out to,

For BCLA, reach out to 

Join the BC GSA Discord server to talk with over 100 members from different GSAs throughout Bergen County, keep up with events, and make connections with like-minded individuals.

Check out the BCGSA public Google Drive folder with helpful files including templates for GSA activities, legal protections, and ways to be more involved in the community