ChemSex and Harm Reduction

What is ChemSex?

According to, Chemsex is sometimes called chemfun, party and play or PNP. Using drugs for chemsex is different to drinking alcohol or taking drugs recreationally.

Chemsex involves using drugs to enhance sex. Usually people do it to change the physical sensations they have during sex (increasing pleasure and their ability to have sex for longer), or to change their psychological experiences (increasing their confidence or removing inhibitions). (Source

David Stuart on ChemSex's Effects on the Gay Community

As a strong advocate for the well-being of gay men and one of the most prominent experts on the topic of ChemSex, David Stuart has devoted extraordinary effort in studying this activity and creating realistic harm reduction strategies to support men who need it most.

We were honored to speak with him in March of this year.

The Cost to Communities

ChemSex advice for Communities

Healthcare Services

Additional Resources

The Gay Men's Help Project has created a helpful guide to the types of drugs encountered in PNP culture as well as how to stay safe.

Lastly, David Stuart has more resources on his website, including a weekly check-in form to assess the effect of ChemSex.